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  • Szexualitás (25%, 8 válasz)
  • Életmód (22%, 7 válasz)
  • Ifjúsági programok (19%, 6 válasz)
  • Fogyókúra (13%, 4 válasz)
  • Drogprevenció (13%, 4 válasz)
  • Civil hírek (9%, 3 válasz)
  • Dohányzás (0%, 0 válasz)

Válaszadók összesen: 14

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Organization data:

Name of our foundation: Miért Ne Közhasznú Humán Szolgáltató Alapítvány (Why Not Non-profit Human Service Foundation)

Headquarters: HUNGARY, 5008, Szolnok Alma utca 29.

Phone number: (06 20) 932-9842


Web site:

Name of official representative: Pappné Szabó Anita – president, leader of corporation

The logo of our foundation:

Goals in the deed of the foundation :

• Mental health defense and crisis treatment of juveniles

• Social work, family assistance.

• Nurturing, education, development of faculties, propagation of general knowledge.

• We are working in civil- and human rights’ defense.

• Community Development

• We have an active connection with organizations for the protection of youth, children and families, as well as with nurturing, educational, social and public health institutions.

• We take the initiative to collaborate with other civil organizations.

About our organization:

Our organization’s professional work has two elements, these are human- and social assistance.

Human assistance: In the field of human assistance we have a leisure-time club for the youth. Its name is „Mi-Ért Necafé Youth Club”. Our goal is to offer useful and developing leisure-time activity, conversation and communal experiences for teenagers. Within the framework of life directing advice, we hold helpful conversations with children and their parents. We take part in youth flashmob actions and programs in the town. Our foundation gives a Community Prize for one talented youth every year. We do health development activities for students as part of school health days. We work with children who play truant and argue with adults.

Social work: We give donations (food and clothing) for socially disadvantaged children.

Our foundation’s source of cash: We are financed  through tenders and services linked to the goals set in the deed of the foundation.

Our collaboration with other organizations: In one respect on a professional line, we take the initiative to collaborate with other civil organizations.

Our activity in the interest of equal opportunity: Our foundation also provides its services for the poorest. Some children are excluded from their schoolmates, too. We get donations to them in the form of clothing and food.


(Hungarian pronunciation: [Solnok]) is the county seat of Jász-Nagykun-Szolnok County in central Hungary. Its location on the banks of the Tisza River, in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, has made it an important cultural and economic crossroads for centuries.

Európában Szolnok:)

Szolnok in Europe

Location and physical geography

Szolnok is located in the heart of the Great Hungarian Plain, at the convergence of theTisza and Zagyva rivers. It lies about 100 kilometers east-southeast from Budapest. The climate of the area is continental, with hot summers following relatively mild winters. The region is one of the sunniest in Europe; the average precipitation is about 490 millimeters annually.

Cultural life:

The skating rink attracts great crowds providing an excellent entertainment facility for friends and families. Our ‘’plaza culture’’ is also a means of entertainment for a lot of young people. The greatest attraction of the mall is its diversity: there are various programs, besides shopping you can go to a movie, play snooker, have a meal, sit around on the roof terrace or benches which make up a bigger part of the teenagers’ programs than shopping itself. The mall is a place for them where they can meet friends and get to know new people. Among the different cultural spots, the most popular ones are undoubtedly the multiplex cinemas and pop concerts. The Youth House of Szolnok offers a wide range of concerts for young people. In Szolnok teenagers and those in their twenties loving BMX, rollerblading and break dance form groups, and an estimated 25 amateur rock bands can be found in the town. It is very important for the teenagers and it is their demand as well to organize their own free time and programs. There is also a swimming-pool where a lot of young people can spend their leisure time usefully. Likewise, a great number of teenagers use the facilities provided by the River Tisza and the leisure time activity of kayaking. As an effect of EU tenders, more and more bicycle roads can be found in Szolnok and as a result, more and more young people get around by bicycle. The main square of the town has become more beautiful over the years, a kind of community square, which, on hot summer days, attracts great crowds enjoying the sunshine and sitting by the fountains. In winter, the Christmas tree of the town is put up there besides hosting the so-called advent village which is full of charm. Last but not least, teenagers also like going to cafés and pubs which are the main spots of conversation.